Exporting fresh, delicious blueberries from Chile to the world, since 2010.




Our story is simple.


Farmer's Friend SpA is a group of farmers dedicated to producing blueberries of the highest quality.


When we came together as growers, the biggest problem we faced was finding an export company that would offer fair and reasonable returns that corresponded to the effort of our production—and not charge inflated and excessive costs that threatened the sustainability of our farms.


In a world made small by globalization and technology, the decision was made to create a new option for the Chilean blueberry grower, one based not only on the delivery of the highest quality of product and services, but also on transparency and trust.


We know that, ultimately, what growers want is simple: they want to grow and receive returns that correspond to their efforts.  For that to be possible, it was necessary to build an export company that would be a vehicle for fair trade and equitable grower returns. We needed to build a company that could consistently deliver the highest quality of supply to customers internationally, based on the sustained health of growers' fields and their financial stability.


So we built Farmer's Friend.  We made our farms and a handshake into our corporate logo, because they rest firmly at the center of who we are as a company.

We have an open book policy with regards to our accounts and financials, and offer complete transparency of our operations.  Costs are passed on as they are to the grower, eliminating doubts of excessive charges and surprises at the end of the season.  We are committed to our philosophy of Quality - Integrity - Sustainability, and we are convinced that it is the future of the business.




While our primary focus is the export of fresh blueberries, when it comes to blueberries we are a full service export company.  Whatever your needs are—be they fresh, frozen, dehydrated, or other value-added blueberry products—we can guarantee the highest quality product in the format you need it.​